16 Nov. 2021

Expert Security Engineer (10+)

Job description

  • Maintain our Cryptographic Inventory, providing visibility on where and how different cryptographic algorithms and schemes are used, enhance the performance of cryptography usage detection capability and understand cryptographic integration requirements from the various development teams across the organization
  • Develop our Cryptographic Agility to ease and speed-up upgrades: define cryptographic architecture & integration design able to contain the impact of cryptographic changes, develop cryptographic software components for integration by delivery teams and manage central cryptographic services
  • Drive Cryptography Upgrades: assess the impact of cryptographic changes through evaluation, practice, and Cryptographic Lab experimentation, define upgrade plans employing a risk-based prioritization, monitor Cryptographic compliance status, and report on progress and deviation
  • Lead Post-Quantum Readiness Program execution: drive the transition to new cryptographic algorithms that are resistant to quantum computer-based attacks, while developing strategies and practices to ease such a transition, working with delivery teams, external suppliers and SWIFT customers


  • Applying cryptographic protocols, algorithms, software libraries & cryptocoding practices - Senior (6-9)
  • Deploying or operating Public Key Infrastructure - Professional (4-5)
  • Software design & development (Java, C/C++) - Expert (10+)
  • Customer-minded & service-oriented
  • Deep analytical skills
  • Drive and dynamism
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Rigorous in applying security & cryptography
  • Strong hands-on technical background
  • Strong result-orientation
  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
  • Experience in security, cryptography & related technology - Senior (6-9)



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