1 Dec. 2021

Junior Analyst

Job description

You will be part of the team that maintains the correct functioning of our Sites & App and your work will include:

  • Correct administration & treatment of problem/optimalisation requests from our stakeholders & Business.
  • Analyses of these problems/optimalisations in production.
  • Complete & correct translation to IT.
  • Follow-up of the problem with IT & feedback to our business partners.
  • Always with regard of the best Customer experience for our end clients.
  • Re-examine our existing ‘Non regression tests’ & adapt this test patrimonium to be future proof.
  • And finally execute these Non regression tests before every release to production.

Objective of the job

  • Maintain a good quality of our Sites & App.
  • Keep a good relationship with our Business through correct communication & pro-active actions to guarantee the good functioning of our Sites & App.
  • Keep a good relationship with our IT partners through good analyses & correct translation of the Requests.
  • Create a complete & correct Test patrimonium for our Sites & App to guarantee a robust long-term stability of our sites & App.


Personal Skills (soft skills - intangible qualities or traits that enhance our interactions)


  • Capable of working both autonomously as in a team
  • Starting analysis skills
  • Very good communication skills
  • Planning & prioritization skills
  • Critical thinker
  • Focus on the most optimal way of work
  • Creative mindset
  • Prepared to go the extra mile to obtain team objectives

Business experience required (work experience)


  • Knowledge of Insurance

Technical experience required (hard skills related to physical or digital tools)


  • Good knowledge of MS Office Junior (0 y - 2 y)


  • Knowledge of SQL & PowerBI is a plus



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