12 Feb. 2024

Junior privacy consultant/officer

Job description

As a Junior Privacy Advisor:

  • You will support the Data Protection Officer in carrying out DPO duties;
  • Monitor compliance with current privacy and data protection laws and regulations;
  • Support the data controller in complying with internal obligations in accordance with the AVG;
  • Coordinate and assist the controller in the preparation and maintenance of the data protection impact assessment of all processing operations within the organisation;
  • Coordinate and assist the controller in the preparation and maintenance of the register of processing activities;
  • Offer advice on questions from employees and citizens regarding the processing of personal data;
  • Support the controller in the preparation of necessary policies and procedures;
  • Perform analysis, provide advice and assist the controller in the design and implementation of data protection programmes;
  • You are involved in security and privacy projects and investigate forms of threats and risks and devise solutions to deal with them adequately;
  • You sensitise employees to handle (the processing of) personal data in a careful and secure manner during their daily tasks;
  • You work closely together with a multidisciplinary team of IT specialists, information managers, lawyers, etc;


As a junior privacy consultant, you will be employed within the DPO Office of the Department of Finance and Budget. You will mainly be deployed on the FOMO project, the selection new ERP package for the accounts of the Flemish Government.


  • Higher education (Master or Bachelor) with technical/engineering background orequivalent through experience with ICT technology for which expertise is required is requested
  • Demonstrable experience for the technology in question or similartechnology
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the AVG/GDPR and have specialised knowledge of data protection practices and in particular the knowledge of law;
  • Knowledge about processing data from National Register and Flemish data protection rules are a plus
  • You have a strong affinity with both the IT technical and legal side of data protection. You are interested in the new trends and technologies related to information security and privacy, which can add value to the organisation;
  • You can work in a team and you are not afraid of collaborating in large and long-term projects.
  • You are analytical, proactive, practice-oriented, sociable, communicative, creative and able to express proposed ideas in writing in a structured, clear manner. Furthermore, you can work independently and in an organised way.
  • You can reason abstractly.

Language requirement:

  • Dutch-speaking at European CEFR - level C2A as Privacy Officer /



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