23 Nov. 2022

Project Manager Charging Points & Electric Utility Vehicles - Part-time (20 hrs/week)

Job description

General info of the assignment:
Elia is the operator of the high-voltage grid from 30,000 to 400,000 volts. This grid extends over a total of more than 8,867 km of lines, underground and submarine cables throughout Belgium. The electricity grid is a crucial pillar of energy policy and supports our socio-economic prosperity. We want to be a catalyst for a successful energy transition to a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system. By building interconnectors and integrating renewable energy production, we promote both the integration of the European energy market and the decarbonisation of our society.
Our sustainability strategy is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Last year, we identified five areas of action, the five main dimensions of sustainability. These include combating climate change, reducing environmental impact and increasing biodiversity, promoting diversity and inclusion, ensuring the safety of our employees and ensuring sound governance, ethics and compliance.
Our internal sustainability programme "Act Now" has set measurable targets. These will be further integrated into our strategy and will help determine what we do and what decisions we take. As we are an important catalyst for the energy transition as a grid operator, we believe sustainability should be embedded in all our activities
We aim to make our own operations carbon-neutral by 2030. One of the actions we are planning for this is to replace our fleet of thermal utility vehicles (around 400) with all-electric vehicles (Electric Utility Vehicles - EUV). About 900 high-voltage substations are part of the high-voltage network in Belgium. These HS posts are spread across 10 administrative/technical sites (Service Centres) in Belgium: Lendelede, Lochristi, Merksem, Stalen, Bressoux, Villeroux, Schaerbeek North, Schaerbeek South, Namur and Gouy.

Elia fully owns about 465 of these posts. The aim is to install electric charging stations in all these posts from 2024. This would be done service centre by service centre. Once all stations belonging to one service centre are rolled out with 2 to 4 charging stations, the fuel vehicles will be replaced by EUV.

Service expectations:

In order to prepare and supervise this roll-out of charging stations in our HS stations, Elia is looking for an external partner (Project Manager) who will

  • Together with the Purchasing Department, write the specifications for the suppliers/placers of charge posts,
  • Support the Purchasing Department in the selection of the supplier/installer of the charge posts,
  • Together with our technical services determines the requirements and standards to be met by the charging infrastructure,
  • Plans, organises and monitors the roll-out service centre by service centre, in consultation with our technical services and if possible in parallel with renewal works in the stations,
  • Contributes to the specifications, technical specifications and production of a mobile solution that will be temporarily deployed in missions where there are no or insufficient charging stations.

The same Project Manager will also initiate and supervise studies and projects to increase the sustainability of our Service Centres:

  • Energy studies of the buildings, focusing on energy efficiency, insulation, solar panels, heat pumps, ... with estimation of the required investments and return on investment
  • Solutions for smoothing peak consumption (solar panels combined with batteries, ...)
  • ...

As currently planned, roll-out preparations will start in autumn 2022. The roll-out in the HS stations of the first service centre is planned for 2024.

Hard skills and soft skills:

  • Technical understanding of charging stations, electrical connections, ...
  • Possess AVIP and all required certificates to safely enter Elia's HS stations.
  • Experience with (electric) utility vehicles (fleet management) is a plus
  • Fluent in Dutch and French
  • Experience in project management is required
  • Communicative
  • Team player
  • Can work very independently
  • Sees problems as opportunities
  • Follows up on budgets
  • Analytical and critical mind able to challenge proposals
  • People manager who can manage/motivate people
  • Willing to constantly travel to all Elia sites and HS stations in Elia
  • Follows developments in the market for EUVs, charging stations, charging techniques, etc.
  • Unreservedly follows all safety rules, ensures that no safety risk is taken and immediately puts an end to dangerous situations.

Key stakeholders:

  • Facilities and Mobility Operations
  • Infra and MAC (technical departments at Elia)

Project duration & location:

  • In 2023, this is a part-time (+- half-time) position:
    • Project preparation
    • Drawing up planning
    • Exploring the parties involved
    • Selection of installer
    • Participation in sustainability projects
  • From 2024, this will be a full-time job until the end of 2028
    • Effective roll-out of the charge points
    • Manufacture of mobile charging stations
    • Roll out EUVs

There is not really a fixed location. Meetings will take place both at Elia's headquarters in Schaarbeek and at Elia's HS stations and service centres.


Your CV should clearly state the following:

  • Description/clarification of your technical insight into charging stations, electric vehicles, ...
  • Your experience with (electric) utility vehicles (fleet management)
  • Example of similar work experience
  • Number of years of experience in Project Management
  • Driving licence (type) + City of residence



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