23 Nov. 2022

Senior ICT Business Analist - Consultant (Part-time: 4/5)

Job description

Business analyst domain heating:
Approach to digitalisation in heating domain: - heating database - database attestations - fuel oil boiler ban - overall plan

Business context:

The Flemish Heating Appliances Decree provides for the mandatory inspection upon commissioning and mandatory maintenance of all central heating appliances running on liquid, gaseous or solid fuels.
In a first step, the technical and practical approach of digitising the attestations and storing them in the heating attestation database and collecting general information on heating installations in the heating database was worked out.
This has led to the development of a web application on which approved technicians report the performance of inspection and maintenance of these installations from 01/01/2023.
In this new project, the focus is on making this web application compatible with existing digital applications within the HVAC sector for drawing up certificates for inspection and maintenance.
The aim is for this data to be automatically uploaded into the attestation database.
Additional ways of capturing technical data on the heating system via the current web application are also being explored.
The business analyst should also be involved in further developing the data management project within VEKA's heating domain.


  • Development of the automatic inclusion of data from digital applications within the sector regarding inspection and maintenance of central heating appliances in the Attestations database
  • Elaboration of further capture of technical data originating from certificates, inspection and maintenance of central heating appliances in the certificates database
  • Further development of the IT architecture of the databases of certificates for central boilers and heating: coordination with the executive organisation (DXC), within VEKA, with the Environment Department (GOP, DIDM), between the regions and with the sector
  • Elaborate information exchange between the attestations database and the heating database.
  • Elaborate adjustments to the translation engine and the web service GeefVerwarming by the new data source database attestations
  • Assume the role of Business Architect within the VEKA IT team


Must Haves:

  • Knowledge of the Energy Decree
  • Knowledge of central processing/compiling databases with providers/sources and buyers/destinations of data from different sectors
  • Extensive experience in the HVAC sector as a business analyst with demonstrable knowledge of information analysis, process analysis of existing information architecture within this sector and among key stakeholder groups from private, government, grid operators etc.
  • Knowledge of existing central boiler monitoring software packages

Other technical knowledge:

  • Knowledge of central processing/databases inspection and periodic maintenance combustion appliances in other regions and other countries is a plus.
  • Knowledge of other data sources applied in the heating database is a plus.
  • Performing more complex stakeholder analyses, needs analyses and process analyses as part of business case exercises, further development or innovation projects; - Facilitating business working groups and consolidating the results into a concrete solution for all stakeholders;
  • Preparation of various project scenarios, with cost/benefit, focal points and risks.


  • Higher education (Master or Bachelor) with technical/engineering or business economics background, or equivalent through experience - Must have
  • Knowledge of business processes in general - Must have
  • Ability to advise and guide clients on strategy, organisational and IT issues - Must have
  • At least 8 years of demonstrable experience in general business management with application in the ICT field. - Senior ( 8.00 years ) - Must have
  • Language requirement: Dutch native speakers at European CEFR level C2. - Must have
  • Communication skills and experience with teamwork and project-oriented work. - Nice to have
  • Through sound analysis and financial reasoning, able to determine the technological solutions to the business challenges faced by the client. - Nice to have
  • Thorough knowledge of Business Engineering: able to propose business solutions that are a good combination of Business and Technology knowledge - Nice to have
  • Knowledge of MS Office packages - Nice to have
  • Knowledge of business processes of the Flemish government in particular (after an induction period) - Nice to have
  • Knowledge of the various Project Management facets (costs, timing, coordination, planning, estimates) - Nice to have
  • Ability to think and work from the business at strategic level - Nice to have
  • Strong ability to abstract - Nice to have
  • Strong Communication and analysis oriented. - Nice to have
  • Be able to give vision on the (technological) developments within their field to Customers, be able to deal well with a set business target - Nice to have



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