18 Jan. 2023

Senior Project Manager "Safety Cultural Change"

Job description

Mission description:

This mission relates to a cultural transformation project on both safety culture and safety leadership.
In 2020 we have opted for the "Safety Culture Ladder" (SCL) certification system to measure the safety maturity within the company, so that we can make the necessary adjustments to continuously improve. In 2020, we achieved SCL Level 3 certification. Our ambition is to further drive down the amount of accidents, by investing in our safety culture maturity. We aim to achieve by 2027 the SCL level 4 certification, to move from the "calculative" level to the "proactive" level. A trial SCL level 4 audit will be performed in 2025. Elia identified the need to start a transversal multi-year project to make the final step towards SCL level 4: the project Safety Cultural Change. This project has been prepared & initiated throughout 2022, focusing on:

  1. The current “as is” status of Elia’s safety culture
  2. The desired “to be” status of Elia’s safety culture, linked to SCL 4
  3. A project plan for the safety culture transformation
From 2023 the preparation phase will start and during 2024 the deployment phase will start. Your mission is to finalize the preparation phase and set out a clear plan for deployment.
In 2023, we will define, prepare (before summer) and roll-out a sensibilisation campaign (Mindshift) related to
  • How human (safety) behaviour really works: largely driven by intuitive routines
  • The importance of an adequate training approach to change these routines
  • The need for an adequate environment within Elia: coherent with our safety system (which will also evolve), the evolution towards an open feedback culture (appreciative, improvement, corrective feedback) and the development of safety ownership.
Also in 2023, we will undertake all necessary preparations to define and detail our Elia deployment plan
  • Develop and acquire the expertise on human (safety) behaviour (april)
  • Defining the desired safety behaviours and competences from our Safety Leaders (may)
  • Performing a training gap analysis (may-june)
  • Developing a training and campaign strategy by end of September (july-aug-sept)
  • Prepare the contents for the training & campaigns
  • Embed and align with other ongoing and planned Safety projects
  • Defining the Go4Zero roadmap with local initiatives altering our “system”. The project team assures coherence with the main messages and frequently analyses possible gaps to give better direction and ensure impact

Service description:

We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced project manager to join our team. You will take the lead for the above described project work. Activities that fall into the responsibilities of the project leader:

  • Preparation and Implementation of the project initiatives (budget, capacity plan, risk register, planning/roadmap,….) in an optimal way (e.g.: via lean and agile methodology if relevant)
  • Manage the change and communication plan of the project and put it in place, in collaboration with the change agents on the field and assure local anchoring
  • Communicate frequently about the project in French and Dutch to the stakeholders (internal and external) via physical or digital communications.
  • Ensure actions and communication is aligned with the rest of the program
  • Reporting(status, budget, capacity plan, risk register, KPI), meeting minutes and steerco presentations
  • Work together with all identified stakeholders across multiple departments


  • Engineering (civil/ind.) degree or equivalent by experience
  • Project management with proven abilities to drive and manage the change in a large organization
  • Understanding of the energy market and the high voltage grid.
  • Experience related to Safety Culture transformation
  • Experience of at least 5 years on field projects with links to Safety
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent written & oral communication skills
  • Languages (must: French & Dutch; big plus: English)
  • Well organized & attention for details
  • Autonomous and capable to manage and respect project deadlines
  • Positive, driven & pro-active mind-set
  • Client focused attitude: support & links with other project leaders/owners
  • Practices good relationships with managers/stakeholders: coordination with external parties and inter-departmental



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